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An Artist to the core!

Painting. Drawing. Designing. Carpentry. Quilting. Creating with my hands and always on the prowl for the never-done-before. In another life, I would be an inventor, but this one will do for now.  

The Graphic Designer

Nurturing a "kind of" idea into a "that's it!" vision drives what I do. Creating something from nothing...pulling the "feel" of what my clients are trying to communicate from their brains then turning it into a real, tactical product is the thrill of the challenge. From initial brainstorming to the launched product, let me bring your vision to life! Together, let's develop a future for your company that flawlessly transitions with changing trends and exceeds user demands.  

The Artist

With a BFA in Studio Art and 15 years of obsession under my belt, creating works of art is better than breathing. I'm always always. Waiting for a page to load...doodling. Downtime is drawing. I'm constantly developing new canvases for painting...wood, burlap, glass. It's all about texture. Portraiture?!? No problem! I'm extremely meticulous, so I enjoy nonrepresentational art, but my brain doesn't go there. My true love is in design art. Creating designs and it! Sewing is my meditation. I make cozy quilts from sweatshirt fabric. A new pattern is only an idea away. I rebuilt my kitchen cabinets. No closet is safe from an efficient organization system built in my garage. From a table saw to a sewing machine to oil paint and brush, creating is it for me.


The Bullets

  • List Maker...Item Checker

  • Coffee Addict

  • Scifi Junkie

  • Ironman & Black Widow

  • Tony Bennett & Twenty One Pilots

  • A little OCD (not flipping the light 27 times but can't put it away)

  • Slightly ADD, but it works for me

  • ***Where was I***

  • Confident in my Quirkiness

  • Love College Ruled Notepaper

  • Cry and Laugh at a Great Quote

  • Love Cuddling with My Dogs and Scaring My Children

  • Spontaneous Dancer (to embarrass my kids)

  • Parentheses User

  • Post-It Note User

  • Wine Is My Friend...Girlfriends Are Better

  • Southerner in the North

  • Insomniac Who Loves Saturday Afternoon Naps

The Rest

I've been around long enough to accept people as is and celebrate them for it but not so long as to cynically long for the good ole days. I do my best to inspire my daughters to go for their dreams. Find your happy. Life is what you make it. Smile and fake the rest.

Thanks for reading! Hope to hear from you SOON!

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